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FAQs Q: Why buy products and services from H20nly-Kinetico? Q: What are your most popular water treatment applications? Q: What is a water softener? Q: When can you install a system for me? Q: Why should I choose H20 equipment for my commercial application? Q: What is a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Purifier? Q: Where have I come across reverse osmosis purified water before? Q: How can I find out what it would be like to have a virtually unlimited supply of reverse osmosis drinking water right at my kitchen sink? Q: Why buy products and services from H20nly-Kinetico? A: H20 is a professional independently owned water treatment company. All we do is...


Residential Products Kinetico 2030s Kinetico 2040s-OD Kinetico 2060s-Tannin Kinetico 2060s-OD Kinetico 2100s-OD Kinetico 4040s-OD 4060s-OD-Carbon Dechlorinator 1060 Dechlorinator 1100 RESIDENTIAL We carry the compete line of Kinetico Water softeners. What else will you get with a Kinetico Water softener? High Flow Rates You'll enjoy some of the highest system flow rates in the industry with up to two times the water production. Kinetico Mach Series Softeners provide you with a good supply of clean, soft water, so wash your laundry, shower, run the dishwasher, all at the same time. Kinetico systems provide the high flow rates...

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