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Water Purification Systems

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25 Years of quality service and counting!

Since 1996 H2O has helped families, businesses, commercial industry, and small communities with their water. We can answer your questions and provide you with cost effective solutions to your water quality and water treatment issues.
We sell and service water softeners and water treatment equipment from major brands like Kinetico.  From activated carbon dechlorination systems to reverse osmosis systems to water softeners to sulfur and/or iron removal systems, H2O has the equipment and experience to provide you with the highest quality water available with today's technology.

Authorized, Independent Kinetico Dealer.

Two Convenient Locations

In St. Louis

3328 North Lindbergh
St. Louis, MO 63074
Phone: 314.209.1996
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At the Lake of the Ozarks

4065 Highway 54
Osage Beach, MO 65065
Phone: 573.302.1996
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Residential Solutions

Provide your family with fresh, clean water without worry or concern.

Water Softeners

Reduce hard water and its effects on your home with whole-house water softeners to accommodate the size of your home and family.
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Remove chlorine taste, odor and sediments based on your contaminant removal needs.  Call today for a free water test!
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Reverse Osmosis

Deliver high quality water for boiler feed, spot-free rinse and other processes with minimal set up and simple connections and more!
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Our Expertise!
Commercial Soft Water Solutions

Commercial kitchens all over the Midwest rely on soft water from H2Only.

Water Softening Pretreatment Before Your Commercial Dish Machine

Reduce water heating costs and equipment wear, use less soaps and chemicals with soft water solutions that meet your needs.
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Water Softening Pretreatment Feeding Water Heaters and Boilers

Remove chlorine taste, odor and sediments based on your contaminant removal needs.  Call today for a free water test!
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Soft Water To Feed Commercial Ice Makers and Dispensers

An ice filtration system filters the water feeding the ice machine to get rid of chlorine, particulate, and other contaminants that make the ice cloudy.
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Client Results

Improved Restaurant Water Quality & Flow

Increased salt in water degraded service with visible stains, it also required excess quantity of water to clean hence raising water bill.
Installation of Kinetico CP-416s high quality soft water system provides improved water quality with improved continuous flow.
With 23% monthly savings in water, ROI was achieved in a few short months.

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Commercial Kitchens All Over the MidWest Rely on Soft Water from H2Only.
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Why Choose Kinetico!

Since 1970 Kinetico water experts have been engineering smarter products to bring the very best water. That’s why millions of people around the world look to Kinetico for water treatment solutions.

Kinetico systems are in operation.
of Kinetico customers are extremely satisfied with their Kinetico system
Kinetico customers would choose to purchase Kinetico again.

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