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We carry the compete line of Kinetico Water softeners.

What else will you get with a Kinetico Water softener?

High Flow Rates: You'll enjoy some of the highest system flow rates in the industry with up to two times the water production. Kinetico Mach Series Softeners provide you with a good supply of clean, soft water, so wash your laundry, shower, run the dishwasher, all at the same time. Kinetico systems provide the high flow rates required by today's demanding households.

Larger Porting Size: Eliminates Plumbing Restrictions 1 7/8" inlet/outlet openings allow quick and easy connection to plumbing up to 1.5".

Greater Efficiency: Kinetico Mach systems are even more environmentally friendly - up to 24 percent more water efficient than standard Kinetico models and up to 75 percent more salt efficient than competitors' models.

Non-Electric Operation: There's nothing to plug in, no buttons to push, timers to set and reset, or adjustments to make. There will not be an increase in your electric bill. And you won't have any problems associated with electric components or power outages.

Demand Operation: Kinetico systems operate only when they need to, saving you water, regenerant, time, and money. Unnecessary recognition, arbitrary settings and hard water breakthrough are also eliminated.

Twin Tank Design: Soft water is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Service keeps switching from tank to tank, so one tank will always be ready to soften your water, no matter how much water you use in one day. Your system will be able to clean itself with clean, soft water, too. And that keeps it operating at top capacity.

Kinetico - In business since 1970.
Kinetico, a 49 year old company, is the leader in quality water treatment around the world.

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