Why buy products and services from H20nly-Kinetico?

H20 is a professional independently owned water treatment company.
All we do is water!!!

H20 has the expertise to provide you with the most reliable water treatment solutions at the most reasonable cost and provide you with superior service after the sale.

What are your most popular water treatment applications?

Our most popular residential application is the H20 Whole House Water Treatment System. 

It consists of two parts. The first part is a water softener to treat your incoming ‘working’ water as it enters the home. The second part of a whole house water treatment system is a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Purifier. This machine is designed to provide ultra high purity water for the small portion of your total water usage that is actually consumed. Usually it is installed under the kitchen sink, or downstairs in the basement directly underneath the kitchen, with a line run to the ice-maker when called for.

Our most popular commercial applications are water softeners. 

Hotels, restaurants, and nursing homes all over the Mid-West have chosen solutions provided by H20 for their water softening needs. From ¾ inch lines feeding small commercial dishwashers, to 2” mains feeding laundry facilities, to 4” mains feeding large boiler systems that require several hundred gallons per minute flow rate, H20 has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to match your application to the right equipment and/or service.

What is a water softener?

A water softener is a machine that is designed to remove the dissolved rock, often called mineral or hardness, from the water supply. 

This mineral/rock is present in the water as calcium and/or magnesium carbonate, has a strong tendency to coat whatever it flows across, especially when heated.  The installation of a water softener physically removes this mineral from the water. 

Without the dissolved rock in the water, pipes do not get coated and clogged with debris, water heaters function 20% to 30% more efficiently, and water using appliances’ lifespans are greatly increased, and various commercial processes in which water is used are rendered much more effective. 

Materials laundered in soft water last up to 30% longer. Soaps are also able to function much more effectively in soft water because the soap does not have to first work against the dissolved rock in the water and then against whatever it is trying to clean.

When can you install a system for me?

System installation wait times can vary from 2 to 7 days depending on scheduling availability.

Why should I choose H20 equipment for my commercial application?

24-Hour Soft Water Operation – The twin-tank construction supplies conditioned water even while regenerating and during peak load periods. There is never a hard water bypass or lengthy reduction in flow rate capacity – late-night/early morning cleaning and/or laundry shifts will never be done in hard water! The system adjusts to varying periods of high and low water usage automatically.

Fully Automatic – The systems eliminate the need to set, adjust, or repair complex time clocks or computers. You are assured quality water at all times. This allows for virtually transparent operation of the system. No special training or education is necessary for support staff. Periodic salt fill-up is all that is required.

Salt Savings - Soft Water Regeneration with Soft Water Brine – The patented soft water regeneration with soft water brine thoroughly reconditions the resin beds so they last longer and work better. The use of soft water in the brine tank and during the regeneration process drastically reduces the amount of salt, water, and time needed during the system’s self-cleaning –this results in 50% to 75% less salt consumption over conventional electric units.

No Electricity – The exclusive non-electric construction drastically reduces major sources of service problems associated with conventional electric conditioners.

'True' Demand Regeneration – Immediate meter initiated regeneration on our non-electric twin tank commercial systems can reduce operational costs up to 75%. No unnecessary regenerations occur, thus no salt or water is ever wasted.

Modularity – Should water needs substantially increase, the system can be enlarged by the addition of one or more units without discarding the existing system.

Physical Size – The unique construction of the modular non-electric units and the space requirements needed for installation allow units to be installed in areas where conventional electric units could not.

Working Parts Operate in Conditioned Water – The unique twin-tank system allows the system parts to operate continuously in conditioned water, thereby eliminating the hardness build-up which can occur on the parts of a conventional electric softener.

Counter-Flow Regeneration – Exclusive to the non-electric twin tank design, counter flow regeneration enables the resin bed to be stirred and totally cleaned for top performance.

What is a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Purifier?

A Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Purifier is a machine which provides extremely high purity water -similar in quality to brand name bottled water such as Aquafina. 

The Reverse Osmosis machine purifies the incoming water drop by drop, molecule by molecule, providing a mechanical separation of the water into super high purity water and reject water.  The reject water is sent to the drain and the high purity water is sent to a storage tank that holds between 1 to 3 gallons. 

In residential applications, when high purity drinking water is required for coffee, tea, soups, cleaning fruits and vegetables, or just plain drinking, the water is routed to its own long reach stainless steel lead free faucet. If requested, most applications allow for a line to be run to feed the ice maker.

Where have I come across reverse osmosis purified water before?

Many major brands of bottled water are purified mainly by reverse osmosis purification. Aquafina is one of these. 

On your next trip to the grocery store, look at the labels on water labeled ‘purified drinking water’, reverse osmosis is usually the method of purification used. 

Another popular place reverse osmosis water is used is at the car wash for the spot free rinse.

What's the H20 Reverse Osmosis Water Challenge?

Most people are unaware of the huge difference in taste that using high quality water in their coffees, teas, and orange drink mixes makes.  So, to see the difference for yourself click here to take the H20 Reverse Osmosis Water Challenge

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